Does Hershey have a split personality?

Milton Hershey, founder of the chocolate company, used his money to start a school for orphans, now known as The Hershey School. It now more broadly serves underprivileged children. When Milton died, he left his entire fortune to the school, which to this day is the best funded school in the world, and the major shareholder in the chocolate company.

I tend to have a bias that people who work with children, and underprivileged children in particular, care about children. So how can Hershey (the company) knowingly* buy their cocoa beans from farms that use child slaves to grow the cocoa? And the children are injured from using machetes, sickened by pesticides that they use, beaten, locked up, and so on.

So… does Hershey have a split personality?

*Hershey presumably does not know which farms use slavery, and not all of them do. But it’s been well documented, since 2001 at least, and despite their official position that slavery doesn’t exist, they have to know that it does.


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I am a dangerously creative and as yet unpublished author, middle aged former teacher with 3 wonderful kids and a pretty good wife.
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