What makes it hard to think?

(Which might not be the best possible title for this entry. If you have a better title, suggest it in the comments section. There could be a small prize involved.)

Until just a few months ago, I was blissfully unaware that modern slavery even existed. Maybe not totally unaware – I had heard of the existence of sexual slavery in Asia, though I didn’t know any details. And I suspect that many Americans still don’t know that there are millions of slaves in the world — in fact, more slaves today than when the transatlantic slave trade existed.

Here is what I am wondering, though. What makes it difficult for people to hear the news that slavery still exists?

Is it too depressing and overwhelming? Too hopeless?

Does it seem like one of many competing ’causes’?

Does it sound like rhetoric? Like people are using the word “slave” to mean exploited workers in sweatshops?

Maybe folks feel vaguely guilty about eating chocolate?


About esidener

I am a dangerously creative and as yet unpublished author, middle aged former teacher with 3 wonderful kids and a pretty good wife.
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