gratitude, and an official report

Reading about slavery makes one realize how rich our lives are. People become vulnerable to being enslaved because they are so poor, and because there are so very many poor people in the world. When we hear statistics about how much the United States consumes, it doesn’t sink in. But we don’t have to worry, most of us, about where our next meal is coming from. It’s been changing my outlook to start noticing the things I have instead of the things I want, or the things I worry about.

The State Department released a report on Trafficking in Persons which groups nations into broad groups according to how they cooperate with international laws against slavery and trafficking (the movement across borders of captive slaves). There is some analysis of each nation, and there is acknowledgment that slavery even exists in countries such as the US and UK.

Secretary Clinton remarks that the US “funds 140 anti-trafficking programs in nearly 70 countries, as well as supporting 38 domestic task forces that bring state and local authorities together with NGOs,” but I wish I knew more about those programs. It’s a long report, and informative. You can download it as a single (large) PDF here. Other options for downloading are here.


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I am a dangerously creative and as yet unpublished author, middle aged former teacher with 3 wonderful kids and a pretty good wife.
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