some bitter and some sweet

It’s a tough issue to write about. It’s unpleasant enough just to read about. Who wants to hear more bad news?

But then again, there is a lot of room for hope. I mean, when I was a kid in school, learning about slavery in US history, it was exciting to think about the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman, and anyone else who helped slaves to freedom. They were heroes.

There are real heroes today, helping real slaves to freedom. Free the Slaves is an organization that frees slaves, and IJM is another. For a little dose of optimism, visit their sites.

And there are things that any of us can do to help make a change. Want to buy some fairly traded chocolate? How about a quick email to a chocolate company or a store? Maybe you could spread the word, that chocolate (among other products) is grown by slaves.

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About esidener

I am a dangerously creative and as yet unpublished author, middle aged former teacher with 3 wonderful kids and a pretty good wife.
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